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For those who would like to know more, Mortenson has published two books detailing his work in central Asia, of building the CAI from its difficult and humble beginnings into the popular sensation it has become today.

Three Cups of Tea »

One Man's Mission to Promote Peace...One School at a Time

A number 1 New York Times bestseller that covers the earlier years of Greg Mortenson's efforts in remote Pakistan and the creation of the Central Asia Institute.
It tracks the unique sequence of events and situations that placed Mortenson on his humanitarian crusade to bring education, especially for girls, to some of the most difficult and dangerous regions of the world. Beautifully narrated, this book is an inspiring read that invites the reader to share in the toil and triumph of an incredible mission.

Stones into Schools »

Promoting peace with books, not bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Picking up where Three Cups of Tea left off, Stones Into Schools explores the challenges of the Central Asia Institute's new projects in northern Afghanistan; the efforts in response to the 2005 earthquakes in Azad Kashmir and an exploration of the broader vision of the CAI in promoting education and literacy throughout the region.

Journey of Hope »

Due to popular demand, the CAI has published annual reports on its activities and new initiatives, as well as providing follow-up coverage on existing projects. The reports are enticingly presented in article form with a wealth of stunning and heart-warming imagery.

Pennies for Peace »

Through schools and education, the CAI has been instrumental in the security and prosperity of the central Asia region. Pennies for Peace is an early initiative begun by Greg Mortenson in 1994 to involve school children in the United States in the cause of the CAI. By collecting millions of pennies through school and community fundraising projects, children in the US have been able to provide the gift of education to their less fortunate peers. It has been, and continues to be, a great success.

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